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Our Vietnam Elephant Initiative (VEI) team worked in Vietnam from 2014 to 2017, providing technical and material support to the Elephant Conservation Centre (ECC) in Day Lak, Vietnam in the areas of:

  • Veterinary care, treatment, and training

  • Behavioral training

  • Outreach and education

We are a team of compassionate individuals who donate our collective time, energy, resources, and skills to help safeguard Asian elephants through strategic partnerships and projects. Our work is managed by our team under the auspices of Elephant Care International, a US-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the health, welfare, and conservation of elephants and the sharing of information among elephant professionals.

We are from internationally-recognized organizations and have decades of collective experience. Our outreach, education, advocacy, and hands-on veterinary care work takes us around the globe to help elephants in need.


Guided by shared, core values, we work at the grass-roots level with local communities, individuals, government officials, businesses, NGOs and institutions to bring about sustainable change in the health, welfare, and protection of elephants living in captivity and in the wild. 

Meet Our Team

We taught Positive Reinforcement Training techniques to ensure Jun receives daily treatments for his injured foot and other veterinary care procedures.

We provided professional veterinary

care services, including surgery, wellness checks, nutritional oversight, and emergency consultations and treatments. VEI team member Dr. Willem Schaftenaar continues to consult on cases.

We built a sturdy digital scale to weigh

Gold and Jun in order to monitor and manage their health and wellbeing.

Management Workshop 2017

We co-hosted the "Vietnam Elephant Management Workshop" in January of 2017, bringing together national and regional government officials, elephant owners, tourism companies, veterinarians, animal managers, and international NGOs from around the globe to identify the needs of captive elephants and create a plan for a better future.

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