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Healthcare & Welfare

Emergency Lifeline Fund

Work for Wild Life International teamed up with Elephant Care International and
Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation
to help Asian elephants!



COVID-19 changed everything. That includes the lives of an estimated 14,000 captive elephants throughout Asia and the people who ensure their well-being.


Elephant sanctuaries and camps abruptly closed. Working elephants, like humans, were in lock down mode. In many Asian countries wild forests no longer exist so release was impossible. For too many captive elephants this meant being shackled on chains day and night, indefinitely. 


With COVID-19’s arrival, tourists vanished from Asia along with crucial funds needed to support the health and welfare of elephants living under human care. As the months ticked by under the uncertainty of this puzzling pandemic, resources and services were in short supply and elephants were in trouble.  


In a perfect world, elephants would not live in captivity and their fate would not depend on tourism. But they do and it does. Elephant food became scarce and of poor quality. Sadly, for some elephants, malnutrition, life-threatening health conditions, and even starvation were an existential threat.   


And when Asia’s elephants needed good health and welfare care more than ever, elephant veterinarians, mahouts, and other care providers were being laid off as budgets were whittled down to the bare minimum. Wounds, infections, traumatic injuries, and the growing effects of malnutrition and benign neglect were a constant threat.

Many elephants faced increased suffering. Some sadly faced death. All deserved our help. 


KIND DONATIONS from hundreds of people from all around the world allowed us to provide essential food, medicine, supplies, and hands-on health and welfare care for elephants when and where they needed it—until the COVID-19 crisis passed and the economy stabilized. Thank you!


$159,000 Raised!





During the Pandemic

Many thanks to all of our generous

donors from throughout the world!

Because of you, our team supported

more than 1,000 elephants in Nepal,

Myanmar, Thailand, Laos and

India during the pandemic!

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