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September 23-29, 2018 ~ Green Hill Valley Myanmar

A Project of Elephant Care International and the ECA Team

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Our ElephantCARE ASIA Team collaborated with Dr. Khyne Mar and Green Hill Valley in Myanmar to deliver an innovative, new elephant healthcare and welfare training program to 21 veterinarians, vet techs, and elephant rescue facility managers from Myanmar, Sri 

Lanka, India, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Nepal, Cambodia, and Indonesia.

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100% About Elephants ~100% of the Time!

Our week-long workshop was specially designed for people whose professional careers include caring for Asian elephants living in captivity. 


By combining healthcare information with positive reinforcement training (PRT) and hands-on practice our workshop gave participants the skills they need to better care for their elephants in a non-stressful way. 

Delivered over seven days in the classroom, in clinical labs, and in the field, our ElephantCARE ASIA Workshop curriculum included these topics:

  • "Status of Elephants in Myanmar" (Dr. Khyne Mar)

  • "Anatomy and Physiology" (Dr. Susan Mikota)

  • "Health and Wellness Exam" (Dr. Susan Mikota)

  • "The Science and Art of Teaching" (Erin Ivory)

  • "Positive Reinforcement Training Lab" (Erin Ivory)

  • "Wellness Exam/Body Score Training" (Dr. Susan Mikota, Dr. Willem Schaftenaar, Erin Ivory)

  • "Lameness and Orthopedic Problems" (Dr. Willem Schaftenaar)

  • "Eye Problems" (Dr. Khyne Mar)

  • "Diagnostic Methods for Elephants: Hematology and Urinalysis" (Dr.Susan Mikota)

  • "Elephant Behavior, Motivation, and Natural History; Let's Get to Know Them" (Erin Ivory)

  • "Reproduction Part 1" (Dr. Willem Schaftenaar)

  • "Diagnostic Lab: Hematology and Urinalysis" (Dr. Susan Mikota, Dr. Willem Schaftenaar, Dr. Janine Brown)

  • "Medication Techniques, Basic Elephant Pharmacy, Important Drugs and Dosages, Pain Meds" (Dr. Susan Mikota)

  • "The Science and Art of Teaching 2: How elephants become willing participants in their own care" (Erin Ivory)

  • "Foot Anatomy, Basic Foot Care, Common Foot Problems" (Dr. Susan Mikota)

  • "Welfare and Tourism Issues for Elephants in Asia" (Dr. Janine Brown)

  • "Foot Care Lab / Enrichment" (Erin Ivory, Dr. Susan Mikota, Dr. Willem Schaftenaar)

  • "Reproduction Part 2" (Erin Ivory)

  • "Wound Management" (Dr. Susan Mikota)

  • "Anesthesia, Sedation, Manual Restraint" (Dr. Willem Schaftenaar)

  •  "Management During Anesthesia, Sedation, Manual Restraint" (Erin Ivory)

  •  "Herpes" (Dr. Willem Schaftenaar)

  • "Ultrasound Lab and Sedation Training" (Dr. Willem Schaftenaar)

  • "Preventative Health" (Dr. Khyne Mar)

  • "TB" (Dr. Susan Mikota)

  • "Managing for Complexity: How to develop socially, physically and mentally complex environments for elephants" (Erin Ivory)

  • "Dental Disorders" (Dr. Willem Schaftenaar)

  • "Diagnostic Methods for Elephants: Serum Chemistry Analysis" (Dr. Susan Mikota)

  • "Postmortem Examination" (Dr. Willem Schaftenaar)

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